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HOT Promotions | Instant Win Mystery Promotion

August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is a great new marketing tool for your business or your clients. This mystery promotional card let’s everyone you give it to wins not matter what.  What they win is up to you or your customer. Excellent for trade shows, membership campaigns, loyalty rewards, foursquare rewards, mobile marketing, etc.[tweetmeme source=”javilabbe”


The New Smart-Garment | Hoodiebuddie

July 22, 2010 3 comments

[tweetmeme source=”javilabbe”

What can I say?  This is so new, that all we have to demonstrate at this time are artist’s renderings.

Now you can promote your brand in style.  The hoodiebuddie is a “smart-garment,” that integrates your iPod with your hoodie.  The integrated headphones are actually, the drawstrings on the hoodie.  There is an inside pocket where you can safely store your iPod and connect to the drawstrings.

Personally, I think this is going to be huge.  The hoodiebuddie, fulfills all the requirements I look for in promotional items.  It’s something new, fun, cool, techy and it’s functional.

Oh yeah, it’s MACHINE WASHABLE!  I know… right?  That’s amazing.

Let me know what you think.

Why use Promotional Products and Solutions?

June 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Your investment in Promotional Solutions provides more return than [tweetmeme source=”javilabbe” media.  Of course, when putting a promotional solution in place, it is always best to add measurement to determine ROI.  Wouldn’t it be nice to see what kind of return you get on average from various promotional products?

Thank you ASI for the Research.

If you’re looking for a partner for all of your promotional, printing eCommerce and multimedia needs, we’d love to hear from you.

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What Did I Learn From Attending Social Media 101?

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Focus and Discipline are the Keys to Social Media Success

As you read this, it will become painfully obvious that focus and discipline are two things I desperately need to work on.

I initially decided to attend the Social Media 101 presentation to meet (face-to-face) Nicole Crimaldi (aka @MsCareerGirl), Matt Chevy (aka @MattChevy) and Mari Madden Luangrath (aka @FoiledCupcakes). I was invited and wanted to make sure to show up and maybe even learn something.  In my mind, “probably not…” I know everything – right?  I hate when I’m proven WRONG!

I was excited to go and couldn’t wait to get there.  I left with plenty of time, but who would have guessed there was construction so early in the season.  Not to make excuses, I wasn’t going to make it, on time. You’ve heard “Your first impressions are the most important”. Taking that into account, of course, I didn’t pay any attention to the details of where the function was being held (ADD Alert!).  I had to call Matt to find out, and again (ADD) didn’t really listen.  I walked around the entire campus (Elgin Community College) looking for the location.  To make a long story short, it was where I had originally started.  My hair was all wind-blown, I was hot  and exasperated by the time I finally arrived.

Yay, I’m here! Now let’s get started.  There was a nice sized group of enthusiastic newbie’s.  Coffee, donuts and bagels were provided as well as a booklet called “Social Media Guidelines.”  Which I thought that was fantastic, by the way.

The meeting started, everyone introduced themselves and Matt and Nicole began their presentation.

I was very impressed to learn a whole bunch of stuff that I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t get to take full advantage of.  One of my bitchiest, pain in the ass wonderful customers was driving me crazy with shipping questions for their orders that were to be delivered in three different states.  Phone was ringing and texts were flying, but I was still able to tweet, take and share pictures and believe it or not learn some valuable information.  Sorry, Matt and Nicole for having to get up so many times. Work takes priority…

Here is what I got out of Social Media 101:

Social Media 101 covered all the main points of what it takes to effectively participate and take advantage of the opportunities we are afforded through Social Media.

Matt would be surprised to know, I picked up on one point that kept resonating throughout the presentation.  “You have to be disciplined and dedicated,” with your Social Media activities. If you cannot discipline yourself to stay the course, you cannot succeed with Social Media.

Begin by working towards building a positive reputation on the web and establish your online footprint by being yourself, being genuine and most importantly being PRESENT. Your objective is to establish a Social Media Strategy and set goals, focusing your online activities towards meeting that objective.

Discipline yourself set time aside for Social Media. Make it part of your daily routine as part of your strategy by dedicating a few hours of the day to manage your online presence.  Your strategies should include engaging with people on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin as well as reading and commenting on blog posts.

If you get a chance to attend one of these, you will also learn about the role Google plays in Social Media and networking.  Google Reader, Google Alerts and Google Analytics are super important if you are serious about meeting your Social Media goals.

They also talked about blogs, branding yourself on the web, case studies and much, much more.  Mari came in around Noon, which was a treat (no pun intended) she came bearing her famous Foiled Cupcakes.  She also spent time engaging the group with interactive marketing exercises.  Having attendees use their businesses as the subject for the group to come up with Social Marketing strategies.

Mari ROCKED it out!

At the end of the day, I was honored to meet Matt, Nicole and Mari.  I learned a hell of a lot more than my thick headedness would have ever imagined I would.

If you have an opportunity to attend a Social Media 101, 102 or whatever level is offered, you should definitely take advantage of it.  If invited, I would go again in a heart beat.


Matt Chevy

Nicole Crimaldi

Mari Madden Luangrath

Graphic Communications

April 15, 2010 Leave a comment

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As a full-service solutions provider, Proforma PPG has assembled a complete offering of products and services to handle all of your graphic communications needs. We’ve been the One Source…with Infinite Resources for all our clients’ promotional products, printing services, business documents, marketing (mobile, online, direct) and eCommerce solutions. With our vast experience, Proforma PPG applies creativity and innovation to all of your business challenges.

We are also a proud partner of “award winning” Panoptic Studios, a nationally recognized multi-media production company. Our online and multi-media services are uniquely focused on integrating strategy, motion and design to help companies communicate with customers, prospects, employees and shareholders through powerful video production.

When you partner with Proforma, you connect to the power of a large North American organization with the responsive service of a local business.

Please visit our Proforma website for Our E Commerce Solutions.

Proforma is proud to partner with Panoptic Studios, a nationally-recognized multimedia production company to create award-winning media for some of the biggest names in business and industry.  Connect here: Proforma Mulitmedia Services.

Foundog Acquired by Google-Backed Life360

March 11, 2010 1 comment

Combined company offers extended suite of next-gen promotional products:

As one of the largest promotional products distributors in North America we offer countless brandable consumer saftey minded products.  I think this is something you will find very interesting.

SAN FRANCISCO – March 11, 2010 – Life360, the all-inclusive online service for managing family safety and security, announced the acquisition of Foundog, the DFJ-backed lost item recovery service.  The acquisition provides a powerful set of next-generation promotional products to corporate customers.

Life360 board member and former CEO of Visa USA, John Philip Coghlan, remarked, “With the addition of Foundog’s recovery solutions and corporate promotions channel, Life360 is able to offer unparalleled brand awareness and return-on-investment to corporate marketers with a suite of products that integrates into the daily lives of consumers.”

All recipients of Foundog’s brandable global item recovery tags will gain free access to a white labeled version of Life360’s online safety and security suite, which includes services that provide identity theft protection, cell phone-based family tracking, emergency child identification, lost item recovery, sex offender monitoring, and an emergency messaging system to reconnect families even when some communication lines are down after a natural disaster. Every time an end user logs into the Life360 suite, they will be exposed to the sponsor’s brand.

“Our corporate clients such as IBM, Symantec and HSBC will now benefit from extended touch-points in their marketing campaigns using Life360’s suite of promotional products,” said Foundog Chairman Geoffrey Nudd.  “A Life360 campaign generates customer loyalty over a multi-year period with a broad safety and security value proposition.”

Life360 CEO Chris Hulls commented, “In this tough economy, corporate marketers are looking for promotions that provide a clearly measurable value.  Through the integration of the Foundog and Life360 offerings, ASI, SAGE, PPAI and other distributors can offer corporate customers a suite that generates immediate returns through brand awareness, the ability to obtain sales leads and actionable market data from recipients.”

For more information, please visit:

Protect your family from the unexpected

About Life360

Life360, a Google and Facebook-backed technology company, offers consumers a way to manage their full range of safety and security needs all in one place.   Services range from identity theft protection, to lost item recovery, medical identification, and family tracking.  Founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Life360’s mission is to use emerging technology to help people prepare for both major emergencies and everyday worries.  For more information, please visit

About FoundogLoose something Foundog will retrieve it 75% of the time.

Foundog is an ASI, SAGE, and PPAI supplier of next generation promotional products.  Foundog’s flagship product line, the eTriever Tag and Global Recovery Service, is used by many of the world’s largest high tech companies, law firms, financial services providers, hotels, transportation companies, insurers and others.   Foundog’s team of software developers, manufacturers and marketers works with distributors to provide customized marketing solutions for corporate clients.  For more information, please visit

Making the Most of a Trade Show Marketing – Converting Visitors to Sales

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Using promotional products at trade shows

With the 2010 National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) convention this weekend in Orlando, it got us thinking about how to make the most out of a trade show exhibit.  Successful trade show marketing is more than just a “pretty” booth, giving out company literature to passers by, engaging in conversations about your products with visitors and collecting contact information.  Though so much effort, time and money goes into the planning and execution of trade show marketing, the real work doesn’t stop there! To have a truly successful trade show exhibit you must promptly and continually follow-up with the visitors to your booth and convert them to sales.

It is astounding – and almost embarrassing for anyone who employs trade show marketing – that, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (2009), 80% of leads made at trade shows never receive a follow-up.  Why put all that money, time and effort into a marketing effort if you’re not going to follow through?

To increase the ROI on trade show marketing, it is imperative that you put as much money, time and effort into the post-show as you did the “big show”.   Here are a few things to consider:

  • As part of your comprehensive trade show marketing strategy, plan the post-show follow-up before the trade show.  Don’t wait till after the show to figure out what you’re going to do with the leads!   Questions to ask:
    • Who is going to do the follow-up?  You?  Your sales team?  An outsourced lead generation business?
    • When are you going to follow-up?  That day?  A week after the show?  Two weeks?  A month?  Never?  (Okay, kidding on the last option!)
    • How are you going to follow-up?  Email?  Phone?  Mail?  In person?  A combination of them?
  • Prioritize your leads while at the show.  If possible, identify those with decision-making powers from those without.  If you’re able to make other determinations (i.e., purchasing timeframe, size of budget, etc), use those to “score” the prospects.  Once you prioritize, reach out to the most promising prospects first and go from there.
  • Don’t waste time.  Depending on the post-show trade show marketing strategy you devised, you should use whatever means of communication possible at the trade show (or hotel) to either: (1) make initial contact with the prospect yourself or (2) relay the prospect information back to your office or third-party lead business.
  • When you conduct your follow-up be sure to personalize it by addressing the concerns, needs or interests that were discussed with the prospect at the trade show.  It’s important to refer to the conversation you had with them to distinguish yourself from the competition.  This will show the prospect that you were really listening to them, paying attention to their needs and have the solution.
  • Offer something of value to your prospect when you follow-up – free samples, discounts or valuable industry insights like a whitepaper.  Don’t just send a prospect the same literature they had picked up at the trade show.  Make it new and enticing to capture their attention.
  • Be sure to follow-up promptly.  Don’t let too much time pass before you reach out to the prospect because your once hot lead will turn cold very quickly.   As with any other networking event, you want to contact your prospect while they are still thinking about the trade show, the things they learned, the products they viewed, the people they met and the conversations they had.

Remember, the follow-up is one of the most critical aspects of trade show marketing.  It is possible to effectively and efficiently turn your booth visitors into customers so long as you have a good strategy in place.  If the size of your company and/or size of your target prospects are incompatible then we strongly consider hiring someone else to prioritize them and follow-up.

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