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Sizzling Summer Products Heating Up Promotions

June 23, 2011 2 comments

Summer New Promotional Products

Golf discs, sunblock hats, art kites and impressionable flip-flops hit ASI’s top 10 hot list

TREVOSE, Pa., June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) today released its annual top 10 list of hottest summer products putting the sizzle into ad campaigns, promoting everything from beach resorts and golf outings to company picnics and swim clubs.

The list includes flying golf discs for the newest sports craze sweeping college campuses and the suburbs, humungous beach towels, collapsible coolers and kites that make an artful impression.

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, the game is played much like traditional golf, but instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying disc. The object is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws, instead of strokes.
“There are 92 days in summer, and the promotional products industry makes every one count with imprintable items that make a big splash in marketing and ad campaigns designed to showcase any company or event,” said Timothy M. Andrews, president and chief executive officer of ASI. “By capitalizing on new trends, the industry remains on advertising’s cutting edge.”


The Top 10 List of Sizzling Summer Products:


Disc Golf, from Par One. Unique discs come with super grip and a large imprint area to promote summer games.

Sunblock Hat, from Whispering Pines Sportswear. Make like a true Aussie and beat the sun with a UPF 45+ cap, perfect for golf outings and beach resort companies.

Quick ‘n Slick Sauce Brushes, from Bay State. The silicone brush spreads sauces smooth and easy without dripping. Great food industry giveaway.

Big Beach Towel, from Professional Towel Line. Super-size messages from real estate companies serving beach areas and resorts with a 35″ x 60″ cotton terry beach towel.

Fiji Thong Flip-Flops, from Neet Feet. Ideal for spas or the discerning traveler. Leaves imprinted logo or company name in the sand as you walk.

Golf Dotz, from Pure Brands Management Inc. Make like a pro and transfer logo directly onto any golf ball. Super for corporate promotions, tournaments and giveaways.

BrandRims Sunglasses, from BrandRims. Provides complete coverage of logo and designs across the entire sunglass frame, for any sporting event or company picnic.

The Art Kite, from The Art Kite. Poster art that flies. Fly it, then hang it on the wall to show off logo or color photo for years to come.

Grill Mitt, from The ETC Line. A 16″ super mitt that will protect users from fingertip to elbow. Fire companies can give it away to promote fire safety.

Bucket Cooler, from The Bag Factory. Lays flat for easy storage, then pops open for tailgating, trips to the beach or backyard grilling. Ideal for “cool” promotions.

Click here to watch a video demo of the products. click here for photos and complete product descriptions.

SOURCE Advertising Specialty Institute


A Great Promotional Product

February 2, 2011 2 comments

promotional footwearFootzyrolls is an exciting new product that has recently been introduced into the market. They were created by two sisters – Jennifer and Sarah Caplan. These rollable shoes are becoming quite popular as they’ve reportedly been worn by famous stars, such as Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively. They are quickly gaining a lot of attention because of their unique comfort and style.
It is easy to see why Footzyrolls are great to giveaway as advertising merchandise for your company. You’re not only giving a wonderful gift to your receivers that will solve a very common problem, but you’re also promoting your company. Each time they wear their exciting new Footzyrolls, they’ll be reminded of your business in a positive light. When they have a need or problem, they will likely think of your business first for a solution. Footzyrolls can really get you and your business stepping in the right direction!

I have a link for the online retail store on this blog.  If you are looking for branding opportunities for your company. Please contact me directly via our Fan page or my email.

How Much Do You Love Cupcakes?

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Cupcake Lip Balm

We’ve all been there. You want a cupcake (you need a cupcake), but you just don’t have room to eat one. So what do you do? That’s right, you rub it all over you face, hoping to get some of the taste on your lips. Messy, sad, and wasteful. But if you had some Cupcake Lip Balm, you could get that same sensation without compromising your morals.

Yes, friends, Cupcake Lip Balm is just what your lips need to be happy. Sure you could slap any old lip balm on for lip protection, but wouldn’t you rather have some that tastes like frosting? Yes, we know you would.Cupcake Lip Balm is wonderful. It fills the cracks in our lips and the cracks in our heart (from not having cupcakes all the time). Cupcake Lip Balmwants to be your friend too.

Cupcake Lip Balm

  • Frosting flavored lip balm – for your lips.
  • Makes you infinitely more kissable.
  • Ingredients: Petroleum jelly, mineral oil, Beeswax, Polybutene, Octyl Pamitate, Propylparaben, Fragrance.
  • Dimensions: 2.5″ long tube.

Chew your cupcakes.

We could say they are fairy eggs. We could say they hold dreams inside. We could say a lot of wacky stuff, but why? These are Cupcake Gumballs– they are gumballs that taste like cupcakes. Simple. Eloquent. Delicious.

Don’t have time to eat a real cupcake? Well, Cupcake Gumballs are ready to be chewed on the run. Eating a real cupcake too messy with whatever else you are doing? Cupcake Gumballs don’t require hands to enjoy.Cupcake Gumballs are great to tide you over until you can eat real cupcakes. CUPCAKES!

For nutrition information, click here.

Cupcake Gumballs

  • Yummy gumballs that taste like vanilla cupcakes.
  • Approx. 22 balls per tin.
  • Tin Dimensions: 3.25″ x 2.5″ x 0.75″.

Beyonce launches a line of Temporary Tattoos

November 17, 2010 2 comments

Beyoncé & Deréon’s Temporary Tattoos

I know what you’re thinking… Beyonce is creating her own line of temporary tattoos? She did and they are very popular.

Starting November 1st, Beyoncé and Japanese makeup brand Temptu have partnered with Deréon to create a range of temporary tattoos.  Some of the available temporary tattoo designs will include Deréon’s signature fleur icon, spiders, bolts and chains and jeweled baubles designs, to mimic the theme and feel of the overall fall collection.

The tattoos will be available in two different packages including a basic and a deluxe edition. Both options will consist of eight temporary tattoo transfer sheets (2 sheets each of the 4 designs); 10 tattoo application pads and one of three kit designs, each featuring a different fall and winter Deréon ad campaign image of Beyoncé, all for $16. However, if you opt to spend the asking price of $34, the deluxe edition will also include a signed photo of Beyoncé and a chance to win a trip to New York for a photo shoot.

The temporary tattoo technology has improved greatly;  and in either choice, all of the tattoos are waterproof and designed to last for two to five days. They come in a variety of design and sizes,  as small as coin to as large as the full body design on the right

They are slated for a retail arrival in November and will be available at Sephora stores in the U.S. and Canada, Sephora Online, and at both Deréon and Temptu’s websites.

If you want to learn more about temporary tattoos, please feel free to contact us and request samples via our Fan Page.

A Pharmaceutical Green Initiative

September 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Green alternative

One of our Pharmaceutical companies came to us seeking assistance with their new “Green Initiative.”  They normally print thousands of brochures, pamphlets and flyers for the trade shows they regularly attend.  The goal was to reduce their environmental impact with regards to printed materials.  At first, this wasn’t something I was overly excited to assist them with.  Primarily because we would lose a huge chunk of the printing services we provide them. Don’t get me wrong, all the printed material we provide this customer with, is 100% recycled.  In essence they already have begun the transition to Green, just not to the level they are seeking.

After further consideration it dawned on me.  If I was helping them with their efforts towards environmental conservation.  In part, we would be contributing as well.  At the end of the day, it now became our initiative to provide a solution which would meet their requirements.

Over the years we’ve offered this company alternative mediums for marketing their catalog of products other than print:  USB drives and min CD’s, Web Keys, Hot Buttons, etc.  These products work well but are costly and don’t provide the ability to demonstrate graphically, as would a printed piece.

The solution is to integrate the two.  We found and presented the “Web Key Brochure.”  This product allows a company to market their products and/or services graphically. Utilizing a standard brochure package with a detachable web key.  This, USB type, device takes the user of this key to the company’s website.  Where they can view e-catalogs or promotional incentives from the trade show; and all the digital versions of sales materials available (instead of print).

We have a very happy customer making a difference for the good of the environment.  It’s a nice feeling to have contributed to their “Green Initiative.”


A Worldwide Phenomenon

August 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Wondering what that is those kids are wearing around their wrists?

We’ve turned this worldwide phenomenon into the hottest value-priced promotional product on the market! Kids of all ages love to wear’em and trade’em!

Our Squiggles are available in seven themes and come packaged in a random assortment of 6 rubber bands in a polypack with a full-color advertiser card. (Note: You cannot specify the assortment but, don’t worry, everyone will love them anyway!)

Available themes:

Dinosaurs                    Sea creatures                    Insects                         Fruit

Music                           Transportation                   Dental                           Animals

Need custom shapes? Just ask for a quote!

Choose from popular shapes or make your own

HOT Promotions | Instant Win Mystery Promotion

August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is a great new marketing tool for your business or your clients. This mystery promotional card let’s everyone you give it to wins not matter what.  What they win is up to you or your customer. Excellent for trade shows, membership campaigns, loyalty rewards, foursquare rewards, mobile marketing, etc.[tweetmeme source=”javilabbe”

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