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Full Service Promotional Marketing Solutions

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Our company is a full service promotional marketing solutions firm.   We provide our clients with the necessary graphic communication tools, for promoting their brands. As a mult-national corporation, we are leaders in the industry for developing creative strategies driving incentive and promotional fulfilment for our client’s marketing and advertising campaigns.

With over 700 offices throughout North America we can work closely with our clients affording them the strategic advantages we benefit from as the number 1 print distributor in North America and the second largest promotional products distributor.

Our strategic alliances enhance our capabilities of marketing with e-commerce, digital and online media, networking, studio production, event organization and fulfillment solutions as well as social media networking, SEO and SMO.

We are your ONE Source with INFINITE Resources.


The Beginning – Connect With Me

January 21, 2010 1 comment

Blogging is harder than it looks! I cannot put into words how difficult this process has been. It’s not so easy, sitting in front of a computer screen, thinking up something interesting enough to post.  As excited as I was to finally get the words from out of my head; and on the screen.  There was always this gnawing feeling, ever-present, in the back of my mind.  A feeling, I couldn’t shake, it was a sense of inadequacy and self-doubt.  After many days of brainstorming, I began the mundane process of revising my drafts. Sometimes changing a few words, other times whole paragraphs. Always having this feeling that maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew.  There’s a saying I am sure you’ve heard, “If it was that easy, anyone could do it.” I wasn’t fooling myself any longer.  Not everyone can write; and not everything written is good enough to read. It didn’t take very long for me to began questioning everything. Slowly, and steadily the self-doubt grew. My false sense of security was beginning to fade away.  I began to wonder, if starting this blog was such a good idea.  What are people going to think? I can’t write! Should I keep going?

Obviously, I kept going, so here we are. Is this perfect? Probably not… But, I can’t worry about that anymore. I’ve changed this first post so many times, I can’t be sure what my “first post” was supposed to be all about. All I know is, my reason for starting this blog was to share my ideas. Ideas on how we connect and how connecting relates to social media, networking and marketing. Now, I want to include other topics with many subjects. I am no longer concerned about how I am going to write a blog. I am far more interested in how much information I will be able to squeeze into each post.

There are so many ways we get connected, be it business or personal.  My wish is that you get something positive from reading my blog. In some small way, I can give something important enough to readers,  that they might consider subscribing to my blog.

Blogging will afford us the opportunity to share with those who wish to engage.

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