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Foundog Acquired by Google-Backed Life360

Combined company offers extended suite of next-gen promotional products:

As one of the largest promotional products distributors in North America we offer countless brandable consumer saftey minded products.  I think this is something you will find very interesting.

SAN FRANCISCO – March 11, 2010 – Life360, the all-inclusive online service for managing family safety and security, announced the acquisition of Foundog, the DFJ-backed lost item recovery service.  The acquisition provides a powerful set of next-generation promotional products to corporate customers.

Life360 board member and former CEO of Visa USA, John Philip Coghlan, remarked, “With the addition of Foundog’s recovery solutions and corporate promotions channel, Life360 is able to offer unparalleled brand awareness and return-on-investment to corporate marketers with a suite of products that integrates into the daily lives of consumers.”

All recipients of Foundog’s brandable global item recovery tags will gain free access to a white labeled version of Life360’s online safety and security suite, which includes services that provide identity theft protection, cell phone-based family tracking, emergency child identification, lost item recovery, sex offender monitoring, and an emergency messaging system to reconnect families even when some communication lines are down after a natural disaster. Every time an end user logs into the Life360 suite, they will be exposed to the sponsor’s brand.

“Our corporate clients such as IBM, Symantec and HSBC will now benefit from extended touch-points in their marketing campaigns using Life360’s suite of promotional products,” said Foundog Chairman Geoffrey Nudd.  “A Life360 campaign generates customer loyalty over a multi-year period with a broad safety and security value proposition.”

Life360 CEO Chris Hulls commented, “In this tough economy, corporate marketers are looking for promotions that provide a clearly measurable value.  Through the integration of the Foundog and Life360 offerings, ASI, SAGE, PPAI and other distributors can offer corporate customers a suite that generates immediate returns through brand awareness, the ability to obtain sales leads and actionable market data from recipients.”

For more information, please visit: www.life360.com

Protect your family from the unexpected

About Life360

Life360, a Google and Facebook-backed technology company, offers consumers a way to manage their full range of safety and security needs all in one place.   Services range from identity theft protection, to lost item recovery, medical identification, and family tracking.  Founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Life360’s mission is to use emerging technology to help people prepare for both major emergencies and everyday worries.  For more information, please visit www.life360.com.

About FoundogLoose something Foundog will retrieve it 75% of the time.

Foundog is an ASI, SAGE, and PPAI supplier of next generation promotional products.  Foundog’s flagship product line, the eTriever Tag and Global Recovery Service, is used by many of the world’s largest high tech companies, law firms, financial services providers, hotels, transportation companies, insurers and others.   Foundog’s team of software developers, manufacturers and marketers works with distributors to provide customized marketing solutions for corporate clients.  For more information, please visit www.foundog.com.

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