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Give Your Customers Powerful Branding : The WOW Card!

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WOW! Is a cell phone based branded personal assistant. Give them what they want! Give them ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Give your customers the experience they will remember for a life time.

With WOW!, callers are limited only by their imagination.  Your highly trained team of personal assistants can handle any request, anytime, anywhere.  All assistants are trained in a variety of search techniques and adhere to stringent quality control standards as administered by our dedicated quality assurance department.  If you can ask it, WOW! can answer it.

Do you need to know the current score of your favorite sports team?  Out of town and want to know where the closest sushi restaurant is?  Need  emergency travel reservations?  Maybe your kids have a difficult math assignment and you want to know the answer?  All answers anytime, anywhere are provided when you need them.

If you have any questions see our contact information below:

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Get started today with WOW!

Contact Information:

Kathy Labbe

Proforma PPG Inc.

158 Dawson Drive

Elgin, IL  60120

P: 847.429.9349

F: 847.429.9369

E: kathy.labbe@proforma.com

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