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Looking Beyond ROI with Promotinal Products

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Construction Industry

Money is short and the years of frivolous spending are over. We are no longer living in a time when companies will throw money at a marketing campaign without looking for results. Companies have been forced to be smart and are now being held accountable for their efforts.

The most popular term that marketers use to measure results is ROI (return on investment), which evaluates the effectiveness of an investment. Most often it is simply referred to as the return or benefit. However, a new buzzword has arisen in marketing circles. Beyond ROI, marketers are increasingly using ROO (return on objective) as a measuring tool. A bit more simplistic and straightforward, ROO measures the achievement of set goals. Simply: “A client wants that.”

This is where you come in. Promotional products, if used correctly, can deliver the level of measurement that marketers are looking for. Because of their ability to appeal to all five senses and their adaptability to any industry, promotional products are the ideal solution to any marketing dilemma.

For example, the construction industry is complex and ever changing, as the demands are great and the challenges are many. Builders are finding it more difficult than ever to maintain a strong labor force, while securing raw materials.

The construction marketplace is divided into three sectors:
  • New home construction and residential improvements
  • Commercial
  • Heavy engineering/non-building/tool manufacturers
In order to market to this group most effectively, you must do a few things:
  • Show the cost relevance of your products and services, particularly how the value of both will positively effect your client
  • Show measurement of the existing marketing efforts
  • Deliver more than just products and services-deliver solutions
Those solutions must have a strategy:
  • Uncover the need or exact pain point
  • Drill down to a specific audience
  • Create a theme
  • Determine the winning success matrix
  • Unleash your creativity, making sure it fits the need and satisfies client objectives

Remember the ROO. Work with your clients to set realistic goals. Then deliver. It’s this simple. Whether in the construction industry or any other industry, clients want an edge that sets them apart from the masses. Look at the challenges they face and how your efforts can solve them.

Remember: You offer more than just products—you offer solutions. Promotional products are an essential element in the marketing mix. Adding your message to a tangible product turns an ordinary message into a marketing experience your audience can see, touch, hear, smell and even taste. Promotional products are the only way to make a sensible—and memorable—impression.

For more information about Proforma PPG or to learn more about the proven power of promotional products (including research, products and services), visit the Proforma PPG website or contact Proforma PPG at 847-429-9349, kathy.labbe@proforma.com.

Promotional products are an $18.8 billion industry and include wearables, writing instruments, calendars, drinkware and many other items, usually imprinted with a company’s name, logo or message.

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